Fan version and player version. What is the difference?

At first glance, fan version and player version jerseys may appear to be the same. They have the same logo, the same color, and appear almost identical. You might wonder why there is a price difference, with the player version being slightly more expensive. Does this mean that the player version is simply better? The short answer is NO. The long answer has to do with the purpose of the jersey. Both versions offer quality jerseys, but the main difference is that one is designed for sports performance, while the other is meant to be worn as a regular shirt.

Let's look at the key differences:



Player Version: This model of jerseys features a sleek, athletic design that contours to the body with a slim fit sizing for optimal performance on the football field.

Fan Version: This model is designed to be comfortable streetwear for regular use. Unlike the player version, the fan version offers a better fit for all body types, including those who haven't been actively playing football for a while.



Player Version: The most notable difference in terms of touch for the player version is the fabric. It is very lightweight and stretchy. This fabric is designed to allow the body to "breathe" with small perforations that enhance ventilation. Additionally, the player version features sweat-wicking properties that absorb moisture from the player's body, allowing the fabric to dry more quickly.

Fan Version: This model of jerseys is also made from breathable fabrics, but it doesn't have as much ventilation as the small perforations found in the player version jerseys. Additionally, these jerseys are not as stretchy or lightweight, and they don't have the sweat-wicking feature for enhanced durability.

Logos and Crests

Player Version: The logos and crests on the player version are heat-sealed, providing a sleek look and weighing less for the players on the field.

Fan Version: These jerseys feature the same logos and crests as the player version, but in this case, they are embroidered onto the fabric, making them slightly heavier.


Now that you know the difference between the player and fan versions, you just need to decide which one is most suitable for you.

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